Before i die

Before i die i want to do a lot of things..they are crazy and this is noprmal because i’m crazy lol XD *every time i walk in the rain i feel shy to dance and sing* aww i want to meet one direction and to be honest want to get a hug from zayn 😀 […]

new days

i’ve met my friends,we started taking remedial course,at the beginning i was annoyed because i have to go out a lot and i haven’t got a best friend,at they ignore what i say and don’t feel that i’m with them but i see that there is nothing to do but being happy and hide the […]

Unexpected surprise!!

I actually have got a ghost..you don’t believe? math is my ghost the reason is that my math teacher always depresses me..i really hate it i don’t think that i have got a genius mind,i realize this..today i got a surprise which is that my math teacher is going to travel to work in another […]

there is no name in my mind

Hey,it’s been a long time since i’ve written so if you wanna know what’s up,there is nothing new..a lot of events around me that look like each others -i’ve started buying eidul fitr’s clothes (a feast for muslims after ramadan) since a week,as usual i was embarrassed because of my size but i can say […]


olympics this year are special for me..it is the first time to see them,i think that i’m maturing 😀 this is not pride but i really notice this i was extremely amazed when i saw the opening ceremony , as usual my fiction started to imagine if that ceremony was in my dear country Egypt […]

My Demetria

They think that i’m extremely mad about her …so what is new? but what they don’t know is that she makes me forget all my world..her voice and inspiring songs make me feel that i breath who is she ? she is  Demi lovato,she didn’t save my life like the other girls because i don’t […]


One of the things that really annoy me is the racism..racism in colour,religion,body etc i was exposed to bad situations because of the racism because of my weight but a real racism i mean when someone is really anti you i haven’t been exposed to such situations until 2 days ago,in twitter i found an […]