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new days

i’ve met my friends,we started taking remedial course,at the beginning i was annoyed because i have to go out a lot and i haven’t got a best friend,at they ignore what i say and don’t feel that i’m with them

but i see that there is nothing to do but being happy and hide the embarrassment of my body i tried but while turning back to my home i was bullied someone on the street insulted me and told me that i’m fat i just ran to my mum in her work and cried in front of people,when i calmed down i told mum that i need a diet doctor and i went to him,and he encouraged me and told me that i don’t have to care he made me feel more comfortable..i’ll try to go on

minutes ago i chatted with my friend on facebook and i told her that i was depressed and frustrated and i’m almost still..she said that she forgot that..

i’ll try to make our ties better “i mean me and my friends” to be able to go out
,i’m just afraid if they think that i’m hypocrite…


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