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Unexpected surprise!!

I actually have got a ghost..you don’t believe? math is my ghost

the reason is that my math teacher always depresses me..i really hate it

i don’t think that i have got a genius mind,i realize this..today i got a surprise which is that my math teacher is going to travel to work in another country

when my friend told me i was like O_O,the years of oppression and hating everything related to maths and even hating the word “math” itself have ended (8 years)

i can’t deny that i was a little bit sad at the beginning because anyway i know him for a long time

the school status:all students are  sad “they consider him as their father” yep,it seems that i’m the only one that hates him

the question now is who will teach me? i really hate all the other math teachers not because they are math teachers ,each one of them has something which makes me hate him

i don’t really know how it will be..i’ll leave things work by themselves “this means that i expect anything and i won’t be annoyed,now i’m used to being shocked”

is that real?he has gone? i won’t see him again?nobody will make me cry a lot?


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