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olympics this year are special for me..it is the first time to see them,i think that i’m maturing šŸ˜€ this is not pride but i really notice this

i was extremely amazed when i saw the opening ceremony , as usual my fiction started to imagine if that ceremony was in my dear country Egypt ..LOL

the scene…now the ceremony is in egypt šŸ˜€

at the beginning everyone is late,may be because of traffics may be because the lights went off (the daily hour of cutting the electricity )or may be because being late is one of our traditions that we can’t live without so we have to show theĀ foreign one of our immortal traditions

most of the girls are not here..they areĀ kidnapped

an egyptian guy telling his friends:the country which we don’t like, we will throw rocks over its team

the songs which were played during the countries line are changed into our lovely popular songs šŸ˜€ imagine this (from the english singers and bands to the egyptian ones šŸ˜€ )

and what if that performance that showedĀ England’s civilization is changed to the popular belovedĀ Ā Penknives dance ^_^ the reasons : it is popular šŸ˜€ and we haven’t got civilizations to show for 5000 years i think (yeah i mean since building the pyramids )

now it is the most important moment: attention please it is mr morsi who is talking.he is now saying the the constitutional oath which he said more than 3 times Ā in more than 3 different places then he opens his jacket showing that he is not wearing lead protective

i was about to forget the ceremony commenters, yes i mean the woman and the guy who were telling us the names of the countries in english and french

of course here the situation is different: mr okasha and may be miss hayat aldardiry and also mr spider asked for commenting ..but they were refused i don’t really know why šŸ˜€ ..aĀ broadcaster from theĀ governmental tv channel is commenting šŸ˜€ okasha ,miss hayat and mrĀ Ā spider are on their foolish channel that is only seen to laugh,they say that theĀ OlympicsĀ in egypt are a part of theĀ Zionist plan

have you heard the screaming of the people when they saw their country’s team ? now they are changed into egyptianĀ trills

and from mr morsi’s plan to make egypt clean so he told us that after the show we will clean the stadium

aww i saw queen elizabeth,the egyptian copy from her is miss fayza abulnaga so queen elizabeth’s place now is for miss abulnaga

i was about to forget ..around the seats of the stadium there are a lot ofĀ Street vendors and i think that they are even more than theĀ attendance and every minute i hear a voice of someone saying i’m stolen “there are a lot of theives who Ā climbed the fences )

can i go on ? i’m not mocking my dear country but from my sadness about my country i said this..can we really one dayĀ receiveĀ the olympics by such amazing things..in this blog iĀ changed the events around me to events in my fiction..”an event included all the events around me ”


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