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My Demetria

They think that i’m extremely mad about her …so what is new?

but what they don’t know is that she makes me forget all my world..her voice and inspiring songs make me feel that i breath

who is she ? she is  Demi lovato,she didn’t save my life like the other girls because i don’t believe in cutting ..any problem can be solved plus cutting is forbidden in my religion even if it wasn’t forbidden i wouldn’t cut myself for any reason ,i like her songs and i like that she is anti bullying because i was bullied like her for the same reason when i was young and i’m still but not like before,i also like that she saves lives ..there is something which attracts me to her

i sometimes don’t like things  she does,like her style which doesn’t show her real age ,but she changed a lot of things in my life ,facing a lot of hard situations which needed me to cry  without crying wouldn’t be easy without her inspiring words “stay strong” ..i’m still a big fan of her and one of my dreams is meeting her i hope that it comes true


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