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One of the things that really annoy me is the racism..racism in colour,religion,body etc

i was exposed to bad situations because of the racism because of my weight but a real racism i mean when someone is really anti you i haven’t been exposed to such situations until 2 days ago,in twitter i found an account which is anti islam (my religion) it insulted islam,prophet mohamed even allah

i tweeted them a tweet which is “tell me your reasons of being against islam”

minutes after that tweet the owner replied that it is a religion of old things then some other people replied that they are ex-muslims and they hated the way of islam and that now they are so happy

i preferred not discussing because it would be useless i just replied ” one day you will know that we are the best “(i meant the Doomsday) but i can reply here even if i know that noone will read this

islam is a religion of old things ? are the modern things in being naked, not caring about anything,being drunk,having girlfriends and doing sins

allah ordered girls to wear hijab to save them and our clothes are so modern but they cover our bodies,being drunk is forbidden because this may lead you to do a lot of sins and they even make you look bad as you walk right and left moving like a swing,about having girlfriends..a lot of muslims have girlfriends but they don’t touch them ,girls are allowed to deal with boys but with respect

aww i was about to forget,one of those people told me that islam invites to terrorism and jihad..before when muslims went to the countries for war as some people cosider it,that was for setting the people free because they were occupied as in Egypt,when amr ebn alass came here with the islamic army that was for setting the egyptians free from romans and when he won he didn’t force anyone to be a muslim and he left their worship places safe..and about 11 September events which changed the world’s look to muslims ,most of us don’t cosider those terrorist belong to islam and btw terrorists can belong to any religion not only islam

Racism is one of the things that have to be stopped,we all have really to respect each others,even in my religion prophet mohamed said when the god-less people in mecca insulted him “you have your own religion and i have mine “


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