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all of us have dreams…the hilarious thing that we know that most of them won’t come true and if they will come true,they won’t be like we planned

about me,yes i’ve got a lot of dreams,i’m a dreamer…one day i asked myself about those dreams,asked if they fit me,fit my community,fit my life style,the answer was no but they fit my mind

i see myself in a great position,hmm i want to be a diplomatic and i also want to work in women organizations,they want me to be a doctor like my parents but no being a doctor is disgusting i will be always surrounded by blood if i will be a doctor..i want to defend my country and defend the women’s rights which are gone,being in such a position doesn’t fit a villager girl but i’m a villager girl with new thoughts.

I’m afraid to find these dreams damaged one day i’ll really be shocked,i tell myself that i don’t achieve my dream now to get the first rank so how will i do what i want (i want to travel ,meet new people “includng demi lovato and one direction band”:D,and to be a diplomatic etc )

these things need a lot money and a lot of principles for not changing my arab traditions,i know and i’ll work so hard  to make those dreams realities


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