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My weight

Before writing this post i was really hesitant..but i suddenly decided that i would

My weight, a problem which has never ended,aww i forgot it stopped for just some months

i was fat when i was young ,i was always bullied because of being fat (at  school-streets-shops-even at home) the part which i really can’t forget was walking in streets where i was told bad words and treated badly from people who are idiots they really don’t respect anyone , it hurt me a lot while i was walking with my friends i always felt that i was strange and it embarrassed me a lot,i didn’t object or stay at home without going out because i was still young and when i heard their bad words i went on eating and didn’t stop

until i became 12 years old and i was about to explode from being fat and one day after finishing my exams of that year my mum suddenly told me that i was going to go to a diet doctor who is her close friend at the beginning i didn’t like going there i was just forced but when i stood up on the scale i realized that i really had to lose weight..it was an exciting summer i bear a lot of hard times until that summer finished and i got a new look ..everyone was amazed of what i did and finally for the first time i went to the clothes store with confidence and bought what i wanted,i nwas so proud of what i did and that meant a lot for me

the days passed and the school came and it made me away from diet i couldn’t bear studying days with courses after school with such food i gained weight again but not a lot (that was last year) and when the summer came i went back to the doctor and lost weight again

_This year_

i consider it one of my worst years..now i’m fatter than any time ever and the cause is the school because i stood awake all nigh to study so i ate and drank nescafe a lot and honestly ate sweets like my friends but they don’t gain weight  and this summer came and now i hate looking at the mirror because i see an ugly girl who lost her beauty because of the food addiction..now i’m away from people ..those mad creatures who make me feel strange because of my weight and i even don’t go out a lot to not to be seen s a strange girl,I’m hurt..i hate myself,my doctor always came home to ask me to go back to her but i was completely depressed and i’m still but now i went back to her but i went too late i want a new life but i think that all what i need is the inspiration which is really not available in my life…i hope to write another post after some months saying that i lost weight


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