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They say that it is hard to live without a best friend in the real life but i say that it is the best feeling ever..

I had a best friend before ,she is my classmate but when i grew up i suddenly found that we don’t think like each others and we were friends just because we grew up finding ourselves sitting in the same class desk

she is so religious and i find her away from our most funny moments and sometimes considering those moments sins and even when we listen to music she sits away from us..but me i’m different,i joke a lot and i’m also religious but i think that being religious is for yourself not for the others ,she even sometimes shows me that she is not religious she is like the people who she belongs to (the Islamists) they are away from our amazing religion may be they pray and are near to allah but they have mad principles, they think about nothing but what the women should do they want to make them useless,islam didn’t say this it gave the women their rights and they are the main reason of hating Muslims in the other countries  .

i’ve tried to be a friend of the other girls in our class but we didn’t like each others so i became away and it is better but guess what ? i’ve found best friends on the internet ,they are better than the best friends in the real life

they are from another countries but i feel that they are near to me and my heart ,i tell them my secrets and they do this too,there are a lot of friends in my friends lists but they are my favorites,giovanna and try i love you so much girls,you are reading now and i want you to know that one day i really want to meet you Xx


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  1. Hend, I also want to meet you, and love you.

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