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My Demetria

They think that i’m extremely mad about her …so what is new? but what they don’t know is that she makes me forget all my world..her voice and inspiring songs make me feel that i breath who is she ? she is  Demi lovato,she didn’t save my life like the other girls because i don’t […]


One of the things that really annoy me is the racism..racism in colour,religion,body etc i was exposed to bad situations because of the racism because of my weight but a real racism i mean when someone is really anti you i haven’t been exposed to such situations until 2 days ago,in twitter i found an […]


all of us have dreams…the hilarious thing that we know that most of them won’t come true and if they will come true,they won’t be like we planned about me,yes i’ve got a lot of dreams,i’m a dreamer…one day i asked myself about those dreams,asked if they fit me,fit my community,fit my life style,the answer […]


They say that it is hard to live without a best friend in the real life but i say that it is the best feeling ever.. I had a best friend before ,she is my classmate but when i grew up i suddenly found that we don’t think like each others and we were friends […]

My weight

Before writing this post i was really hesitant..but i suddenly decided that i would My weight, a problem which has never ended,aww i forgot it stopped for just some months i was fat when i was young ,i was always bullied because of being fat (at  school-streets-shops-even at home) the part which i really can’t forget […]


Tomorrow is the first day in Ramadam..I like this month i consider it the best month in each year but this year i’m really not feeling it not feeling the happiness before it also not feeling our amazing traditions n it (decorating the streets-buying its special food-buying the lanterns) i even didn’t call the people […]

my first post

This is the first time to have a blog ever..i’ve started thinking about creating a blog because i think that i will write whatever i want without blaming i know that may be noone is going to see it but at least i’ll be free here